Thursday, November 20, 2014

Last Minute College Ideas

For any parents to counselors out there looking for last minute college ideas for your students, here is a list of 2009 rankings of "top" colleges in the U.S.. Many of these schools will have deadlines of Dec. 1st, so applying to many may not be practical unless they take the common application (a single application you can submit to multiple schools These schools are HIGLY competitive so take some time to decide which is best for you before applying. I also suggest looking at the second lost I posted on "Colleges That Change Lives". The second list is a great little treat for students not looking for Ivy League or BigTen schools, but instead looking for that perfect fit of a school. It is from Colleges That change Lives book. It's just a list, so you would have to do a little digging, but I highly recommend the book and some of these schools will have "regular admissions" deadlines after Dec 1st.

Enjoy! Please share with anyone who might find these useful.


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