Thursday, November 20, 2014

College Admissions: Letter of Rec Request Form

Here's another one for the seniors (or the parents/teachers/counselors):

Adults might look like they have it all together, but trust me, if you REALLY want those recs turned in on time you will need to provide your teachers with something concrete to help them stay on task. 

1) First, ask each teacher verbally if they would be willing to write you a letter of rec. ONLY ask teachers that had you in classes that you performed well in or put forth great effort. Once they give you the "ok", hand them this competed sheet.**** (see link below)****
2) Check with schools two-weeks before the letters are due and make sure they have received them (hint: they probably will not have). 
3) Then, bring some cookies and a thank you card to each teacher who agreed to write you a letter. This is the gently (and tasty) way to remind them to prioritize your recs. 
4) You should also follow up with an email stating each school still outstanding. 

Make sure you are polite and thank them!

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